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Upcoming Events:

Site Stewardship Webinar October 14-15

Join UPAN, Nine Mile Canyon Coalition, and Project Discovery
as we celebrate Nine Mile Canyon Stewardship Day!
Presentations October 7th - November 11th

The Nine Mile Coalition and USAS fall gathering has been cancelled.
Check link to read letter http://9mcc.org/news/

Site Stewardship training


You are cordially invited to attend "Protect the Past! with the Utah Cultural Site Stewardship Program!"

The Utah State Historic Preservation Office (Utah SHPO) is embarking on our biggest challenge yet: protecting Utah's archaeological and cultural heritage, and we're asking for your help. You can be the "eyes on the ground," monitoring archaeological sites and working alongside professional archaeologists and federal and state officials.

Everyday we lose a little bit of Utah's history. Our sites face a lot of threats, everything from looters to erosion, and oftentimes we only know about the problem when it's too late. Site Stewards help to protect the past by becoming intimately familiar with their sites. They visit the same site several times a year and monitor any changes in site condition.

The Utah Cultural Site Stewardship Program provides other benefits to Stewards, such as:

Personalized Site Matching. Our Stewardship Coordinator will work with Stewards to find the right site for you! Whether that's finding a site close to your favorite campground, a site that can accommodate accessibility concerns, or a culture or time period that you want to learn more about, one of Utah's 100,000+ sites will certainly be a match for you!

Educational resources. From the very first training you'll learn about Utah's history and prehistory in a very intimate way. Continuing education and the opportunity to develop personal relationships with archaeologists and land managers mean that you will extend the depth and breadth of own knowledge of the past.

Contribution to citizen science. The Utah Cultural Stewardship Program will generate foundational knowledge about threats to the past, and it will also create groundbreaking new research. Your participation will help fill a critical knowledge gap about how, when, and why sites become threatened, this information will help us all protect other sites in and outside of Utah.

Membership in an engaged community. Both online and in the real world, the Stewardship Program brings together like-minded people who are passionate about conservation, preservation, and protection of cultural heritage and the natural environment. Opportunities to meet people, share experiences, and create new memories together is part of what Stewardship is all about!

We're inviting you to learn more about the Utah Cultural Site Stewardship Program by joining us on Sept 9 from 9:30a to noon (MST) for a workshop. Please register here: https://bit.ly/UHS2020ProtectThePast and let us know you're coming!

I'll see you there,

Elizabeth Hora MS, RPA
Public Archaeologist
Phone: (801) 245-7241
Email: ehora@utah.gov

Past Conventions

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Download the USAS Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Updated
Old versions Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Brief History

USAS Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Update
Old versions Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Utah is rich in archaeological heritage. From Danger Cave, one of the oldest habitation sites in North America, to a little studied contact point of Fremont and Anasazi cultures in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, opportunities abound for an exciting, challenging experience in prehistory.

The Utah Statewide Archaeological Society (USAS) is an organization conceived for the individual who is curious about or wants to learn more about archaeology and the state's prehistoric cultures. It is dedicated to the study and preservation of Utah's past.

USAS had its beginnings when Dr. Jesse Jennings organized the Statewide Archaeological Survey in 1951. Today we are a group of 300 individuals dedicated to learning about and preserving our heritage.

Objectives and Code of Ethics

General Purposes

  1. copy of prehistoric figureMission Statement: To share appreciation and understanding of the rich culture history of Utah and to engage the public in the protection and preservation of Utah's heritage resources.
  2. To sponsor and encourage the formation and development of chapters in the state of Utah, and by and through such means to preserve and protect the pre-historical heritage of Utah for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all.
  3. To publish a periodic newsletter to the members, and an annual journal, the Utah Archaeology.
  4. To encourage the establishment of local museums.

Code of Ethics

Each USAS member pledges to:
  1. Respect prehistoric and historic archaeological remains and non-renewable resources reflecting our national heritage.
  2. Respect and support existing laws, policies and programs and encourage others to follow our example.
  3. Engage only in the projects that are consistent with my level of expertise and that have the consent of the officers of the local USAS chapter.
  4. Conduct fieldwork only with the consent of the landowner and all other tenants and lessees.
  5. Refrain from collection or excavating that does not produce an acceptable report advancing our knowledge of Utah culture and history.
  6. Respect the dignity and remains of human societies that have occupied Utah and the broader region in the past.
  7. Deposit all cultural remains from public lands in acceptable repositories. All cultural materials found on private land are the property of the landowner, but I will encourage the transfer of such materials to an acceptable repository.
  8. Produce acceptable reports on all recovered materials and projects. Such reports will be produced in a timely fashion and copies will be deposited in the Office of the State Archaeologist.

Activities & Benefits

The Utah Statewide Archaeological Society

Welcomes anyone, avocational or professional, who is interested in our objectives and agrees to abide by our code of ethics.

Activities and Benefits that are available:

  • picture of a clay figureSubscription to the quarterly newsletter
  • Subscription to the annual publication of Utah Archaeology
  • Opportunities to analyze and classify artifacts
  • Annual Utah statewide conventions that includes educational opportunities, field trips and entertainment
  • To become involved in site stewardship programs

Local chapters provide:

  • Monthly meetings and presentations by archaeologists and anthropologists and involvement in local activities.
  • Chapters and state membership concurrent.